Raymond Lawrence Gallery
Submission Information

Thank you for considering our gallery to exhibit your work. For more information, please contact:

Jory Gaunce
Gallery Assistant & Artist Relations

Raymond Lawerence Gallery
75 Bennett Street, Suite M-1
Atlanta, Georgia 30309
(Fax) 404.352.2979
Email: info@raymondlawrencegallery.com

I. Submission Requirements

A. Resume

B. Biography

C. Artist statement for body of work submitted.

D. Current body of slides:

1. no more than 20 slides
2. masked if necessary
3. labeled with titles


E. Price sheet with dimensions.

Any photos or color copies you don't need returned.

Self-addressed stamped envelope.
(Please make sure there is sufficient postage.)


II. Acknowledgment

A. Please allow four weeks for a response.

B. Your slides will be returned with a letter or,

C. You will receive a phone call.

III. Minimum Framing Standards

* If you are unsure that your work is not of archival quality please inform us before they are shipped out.

A. Frames should not be damaged and should be properly joined.

Frames must be strong enough to support the artwork they enclose.

Hanging wire should be attached to the frame or stretcher bar at a point about 1/3 of the distance from the top of the frame. The wire should have slight slack and be strong enough to support the painting.

On Paper - glazing may be clear glass, UV glass or Plexiglas (except on pastels where Plexiglas cannot be used). Glazing materials should be clean and unscratched.

Artworks should not touch the glass and should be matted or floated using acid-free materials. The mat touching the art work should be at least 4-ply acid-free material and cut from a single piece of mat board. The mat should be clean and the corners square.

Backing material should also be acid-free. (We prefer acid-free Foam Core.)

Cardboard must not used for any part of the framing.

The preferred method of hinging art works is with mulberry paper hinges attached with rice paste. We will not accept works hinged with linen gummed tape if the paper is of heavy stock. Masking tape, paper adhesive tape and cellophane tape is not acceptable.

Backing papers should not be torn or damaged.

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