Gallery Statement

Welcome to the RAYMOND LAWRENCE GALLERY... a world of peace and provocation, where art is the beginning and end to all thought and emotion.

Amidst the current Atlanta Renaissance, the RAYMOND LAWRENCE GALLERY has listened to and acted upon what artists and collectors alike are yet still yearning for, increasing the intensity and progression to the pinnacle of this Renaissance.

We at the RAYMOND LAWRENCE GALLERY believe that the existence of the gallery is based on its willingness to provide all with overly enthusiastic service and attention, while offering strong and timeless works of art to be noted for their quality and creativity rather than trend and outlandishness.

The RAYMOND LAWRENCE GALLERY has declared its mission in the world of art -

To revive the notion of quality and honesty in art.

Yesterday's materialistic America has transcended into a higher level of thought, with Americans desiring not what will allow them to appear the wealthiest, but what will allow the evocation of their strongest inner emotions and intellect in the search for themselves.

Art in this new America is not meant to fit a mood or trend, but to create and enhance it. RAYMOND LAWRENCE GALLERY promotes this belief and promises its manifestation in all exhibits of artwork.

RAYMOND LAWRENCE GALLERY believes in art with no boundaries. Art appears in endless forms and media, none of which to be judged differently. In addition, art is not confined to one region of the Earth, but is created and celebrated within and between all cultures and nations. Because of these factors, RAYMOND LAWRENCE GALLERY promotes painting, sculpture, and photography from all walks of life and all regions of the world.

Please accept RAYMOND LAWRENCE GALLERY'S offer of impeccable art and service for you.

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