Painting: Crazy Dolls by Jeff Williams
Crazy Dolls by Jeff Williams

RAYMOND LAWRENCE GALLERY is pleased to present La Bonne Vie, an exhibit showcasing the Art Deco-inspired paintings of Atlanta artist Jeff Williams. The unique photography of emerging talent Ted Haddock will be presented concurrently in an exhibit entitled Reading Faces. Jill Corson's complete Reflections Series will be on display in the Zebu Center.


RAYMOND LAWRENCE GALLERY is pleased to present, The Wisdom Connected with Children Freezing to Death an exhibit showcasing the mixed media prints and photographs of Atlanta artist Craig Dongoski and his former student Jedediah Caesar. This "cold show" at the end of a hot Atlanta summer will unveil a unique new series of arctic-inspired works by internationally reknowned Dongoski and premier the brilliant sculptural talent of Caesar. The opening reception for The Wisdom..., will be held Friday, August 3, 2001 from 7-10pm, and the exhibit will run through September 1, 2001.

75 Bennett Street

Suite M - 1
Atlanta, Georgia 30309

404.352.5058 P / 404.352.2979 F

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